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A digital object identifier (DOI) is a serial code used to uniquely identify objects. The DOI system is particularly used for electronic documents such as journal articles. The DOI system began in 2000. Metadata about the object is stored in association with the DOI name. It may include a location, such as a URL, where the object can be found. Digital Online and Virtual Libraries are the storehouse of knowledge as they maintain the journals, published articles, book and other knowledge resources available. However, with the advent of digital technology and Internet connectivity, the library scenario is changing fast. Digital technology, Internet connectivity and physical content can be dovetailed resulting in Digital Library. Data available in physical form has been preserved digitally in Digital Library. Digital Libraries have the ability to enhance access to information and knowledge. They also Bridge barriers of time and space. In the past initiatives have been taken by different Ministries / Departments / organizations for digitizing and preserving data available in physical form. However, this activity has been restricted mostly in the area of the work / interest of the organization. Digital online Organization (doi) basically is a data base system and essentially which deals with digital and virtual Library.

Digital Library is a storehouse of Indexed ArticlesIndexed JournalsIndexed BooksIndexed Librariesand Other Indexing Objectsand it is nothing but a cross reference system in which Digital online Organization provide a doi no. for a particular object or article. The Digital Library is helping to develop an international strategy to collect, archive and preserve the burgeoning amounts of digital contents like journals, articles, books, conference proceedings for current and future generations.  

Some importants links are in generated with the doi link, once they have been clicked, click these to access another page in the Digital Library or to go to an external web site. Each and ever objects/articles and products having a specific auto generated doi no. and doi link with objects description. Doi link is like https://doi-ds.org/doilink/04.2016-37625732/ and last digits are the doi no. of that specific products.

You can search the indexed organizations, Institutes, Libraries, Journals  in digital Library database system, by using the search box on the top most position of the screen, and clicking the search.  This will search the whole of the indexed organizations, Institutes, Libraries, Journals  in digital Library database system. If any one have specific doi no. for a perticular indexed organizations, Institutes, Libraries, Journals  then they can easily search by using this above stated search engine.

DOIs are identifiers that provide access to electronic versions of journal articles. They will be linked from the doi data base system.

For example:


The doi represented a shift in digital library projects from a focus on quantity for its own sake to quality; quantity remains a priority, but not at the expense of the quality standards established during the start-up phase.

The doi breaks new ground in the following areas, each representing significant investments of time and effort:

1. Consistent metadata: Each item is described by a consistent set of bibliographic information (or metadata) relating to its name, issn/organizations Reg. No. (If any) with name of publishers, among other requirements. Consistent metadata provides the descriptive information for a site that is easy and interesting to explore, and that helps to reveal connections between items. The metadata also improves exposure to external search engines.

2. Description: Among the most distinctive features of this digital library is the descriptions provided for each item. These descriptions are intended to answer two questions: “What is this item and why is it significant?” 

3. Digital library technical development: The doi team's work with state-of-the art tools and technologies led to advances in cataloging the various website with a unique doi no.:

  • A new cataloging application was developed to support the metadata requirements.
  • An interface was developed, which features the doi content in ways that are appealing to nontraditional users and that encourage exploration of primary sources.
  • New technologies continue to be developed; improving workflow and reducing the time elapsed between content selection and availability on the site.

​4. Collaborative network: The doi emphasizes openness in all aspects of the project: access to content; technology transfer for capacity building; and partner, stakeholder, and user participation. Technical and programmatic networks are seen as vital to doi sustainability and growth.

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